Lego Star Wars 30055-1: Vulture Droid New Sealed in Bag NSIB


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Lego Star Wars 30055-1: Vulture Droid New Sealed in Bag NSIB

A great little pack!

Lego Promo Bag

New & Sealed.

Part List;

PartImageQtyColourCategoryDesignPart nameIn setsIntroduced in
42232471BlackFigure Accessories, Upper And Lower Part30377Space Skeleton Arm932004
42252012BlackPlates, Special48336Plate 1X2 W. Stick 3.182062004
45357392BlackPlates, Special63868Plate 2X1 W/Holder,Vertical882009
45561582BlackPlates, Special60470Plate 1X2 W/Holder, Vertical1302008
45560838Dk. St. GreyBricks With Bows61678Brick With Bow 1X442010
45043781Dk. St. GreyBricks With Slope54200Roof Tile 1X1X2/3, Abs2102005
45211871Dk. St. GreyPlates, Special60478Plate 1X2 W/Shaft Ø3.21082004
42109841Dk. St. GreyPlates, Special Circles And Angles2419Corner Plate 3X6672001
45402801Earth BlueBricks With Bows50950Brick W/Bow 1/3192009
42050042Earth BluePlates3068Flat Tile 2X2332003
45020894Earth BluePlates3710Plate 1X4422007
45289815Earth BluePlates3023Plate 1X2252008
42113504Med. St-GreyPlates2412Radiator Grille 1X22782002
45581692Med. St-GreyPlates63864Flat Tile 1X3802004
42116321Med. St-GreyPlates, Special2540Plate 1X2 W. Stick1132004
42782733Med. St-GreyPlates, Special Circles And Angles2654Slide Shoe Round 2X21192004
41639172Tr. L.BluePlates, Special Circles And Angles30057Plate 1X1 Round1452002

Colour summary

Colour Unique Total
Black 4 7
Dk. St. Grey 4 11
Earth Blue 4 12
Med. St-Grey 4 10
Tr. L.Blue 1 2
Total 17 42

Category summary

Category Unique Total
Bricks With Bows 2 9
Bricks With Slope 1 1
Figure Accessories, Upper And Lower Part 1 1
Plates 5 17
Plates, Special 5 8
Plates, Special Circles And Angles 3 6
Total 17 42

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Lego Star Wars Vulture Droid


Star Wars





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Mini Figures



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