High Quality Used Lego Bulk 1000 grams 1 kg Bricks Plates Parts

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Used Lego Bulk Job Lot 1000 grams 1 kg

High Quality – A-Grade Used Lego Pack

I am proud to offer a premium service in restoring, sorting and cleaning used Lego. I have a great triple check cleaning procedure, very time consuming, but provides great quality output.

Hand Sorted Lego, removing broken and unusable parts. All non-Lego Parts are removed. You will receive only original Lego parts. Because I have a HUGE passion for Lego, I also try and join parts together, for example hinges, cupboards etc. so hopefully you will have usable parts! The Bulk lots will include;

  • Bricks
  • Plates
  • Windscreens/Glass parts
  • Transparent parts
  • Wheels
  • Axles
  • Special parts

This pack allows slightly larger parts compared to the 250gram/500gram packs, due to less packaging restrictions, but each pack will have a mix of small, medium and large parts. If there are base plates in the lot, they will also be included.

Please see picture for an example of 1000 grams of Lego.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 449 × 349 × 79 mm




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1 review for High Quality Used Lego Bulk 1000 grams 1 kg Bricks Plates Parts

  1. John McGuinness (verified owner)

    I needed to replace a huge box of Lego which was reclaimed by an ex Son-in-Law and this was my first purchase. I am happy to confirm that the delivery was very prompt and efficient and exactly as described – my only regret is that it is going to cost a fortune to replace everything that went!!

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